Consent Item Pulling – Lee’s lack of read

Lee has been rightfully criticized for his constant bloviations, which unprofessionally and inappropriately extend meeting times at a high cost: monetarily in staff overtime pay, and health-wise with tired employees & Councilmembers. We selected one area to illustrate for you – Lee’s continual pulling of routine items off the Consent Calendar.

  • What is a Consent Item?
  • Consent Items are non-controversial or routine in nature that require little, if any, discussion (i.e. meeting minutes, check registers, items previously discussed at length with group consensus, etc).
  • The item’s details and supplemental reports are distributed with the agenda in sufficient time for each Councilmember to review and ask questions of staff prior to the meeting.
  • This grouping allows decision-makers to decide them in one motion to make for an efficient, effective meeting.
  • Simple questions, clarifications, or short dialogue may also be discussed without pulling and before approval.
  • It is important not to remove Consent items entirely for the sole purpose of answering a simple question, as this undermines the process.
  • Boards that effectively use a Consent Calendar will find the meetings are more productive, members are more engaged, and the time saved is reallocated to discussing more critical strategic issues that require debate, deliberation and team planning.

Lee’s reasons: to ask simple questions, to provide general comments (often veering off-topic), to request staff presentations, to disparage employees, and to re-hash previous discussions. He nearly always ends up voting Yes anyways (28 out of 33 times).

Below is a summary of when and what Lee has pulled, wasting over 5 hours of meeting time due to his lack of preparation. Also included is an excerpt from the new Council Rules of Order which had to be adopted to explain how to properly prepare for a meeting, to seek prior clarification and avoid unfairly surprising staff.

Meeting DateItem PulledTopicTime SpentLee’s VoteMeeting Links
02-08-211.4Rathbun Creek Bridge7:52YesWatch
1.7DWP Debt Retirement2:28YesWatch
03-08-211.5Snow Play Code1:26YesWatch
1.8 & 1.10Letters on SB-9 & Covid6:06Yes / YesWatch
1.11Letter to Map Applications3:10YesWatch
1.12Council Rules of Order29:48YesWatch
05-03-211.6 & 1.7Letters on SB 210 & AB 33921:34Yes / NoWatch
05-17-211.3Face Coverings8:18YesWatch
1.5Waste Disposal Agreement2:58YesWatch
06-07-211.7DWP Budget3:38NoWatch
1.8DWP Comm Stipends15:28NoWatch
1.9Veteran’s Park2:00YesWatch
06-21-211.5Decennial Redistricting5:20YesWatch
07-19-211.6Chipping Program16:20YesWatch
08-16-211.4 & 1.5Mtg Minutes & Delegate7:36Yes / YesWatch
1.6Solid Waste Committee1:18YesWatch
1.7Vac Rental Parking13:56NoWatch
09-20-211.5Economic Adv Committee22:18YesWatch
1.7City Street Parking5:16YesWatch
1.11Vac Rental License Fee22:54YesWatch
1.14Meeting Invocations33:30YesWatch
1.15Mountain Meadows Report5:28YesWatch
11-01-212.7Demolition of Iris Structures7:44YesWatch
12-06-211.5Muchacho’s Expansion10:10NoWatch
1.8Replacement of 2 Vehicles3:20YesWatch
01-11-221.1Treasurer’s Report7:32YesWatch
1.4DWP Line Improvement17:50YesWatch
1.6Grocery Outlet Withdrawal7:40YesWatch
1.9DWP Comm Stipends (c)2:28YesWatch
02-07-221.1Treasurer’s Report10:28YesWatch
33 ItemsTotal Time Spent305:54(5+ Hrs)
03-07-22NEW RULES ADOPTED (based on City of Victorville)
To pull an item now requires a Motion, a 2nd & majority approval
Meeting DateItemTopicTime SpentLee’s VoteLink
04-04-221.6Council Districts – Motion, no 2nd–:–No
1.7Stanfield Restrooms – Motion, no 2nd–:–No
05-02-221.1Treasurer’s Report – Motion, no 2nd–:–No
1.4Code Manager – Motion, no 2nd–:–No
10-17-221.4Councilmember Residency Requirements – Motion, no 2nd–:–No