Grounds For Lee’s Recall

  1. Lee knowingly committed Voter Fraud pursuant to California Elections Code Section 2031 when he, his wife, children and family members voted in 2016 and 2020.  In 2020 seven of Lee’s family members voted at Lee’s Big Bear Lake address when only Lee and his wife claimed to live there. Some Evidence: Video and the 7 registered voters: 1) Alan Legran Lee, 2) Wife Lisa Ann Lee, 3) Son Alan Lee III, 4) Son Malcolm Lee, 5) Mom Shirley Ann Lee, 6) Angel Marie Lee, 7) Tylynn Dajarone Davis Anderson.
  2. Lee knowingly violated Campaign Spending Laws when he was elected in 2020 pursuant to Elections Code 18521.  He has raised $139,746.95 (as of 12/31/22) and of this, over $111,460.70 was raised AFTER he was elected. Some Evidence: FPPC Form 460s, Donors & Elections Code.
  3. Lee knowingly and repeatedly violates the Public Records Act by refusing to provide the text messages he sent during public meetings, City related emails, and social media comments. Some Evidence: Here, Here, and more in Writing, also see Reprimand, and City Attorney Reminder.
  4. Lee violated the Brown Act by contacting more than one Councilmember – creating an illegal serial meeting and by texting to outside parties during Council meetings. Some Evidence: City Attorney Reminder & Colleague Warning.
  5. Lee violated 5 Council Rules of Order and was officially Reprimanded. Some Evidence: Official Reprimand.
  6. Lee created a hostile work environment for our City Manager, forcing his departure and requiring a costly harassment investigation. Some Evidence: City Manager Letter, Grizzly News Article, Investigation, and more News.
  7. Lee lied about his personal communications with Grocery Outlet’s developer. Some Evidence: Video plus Official Documents.
  8. Lee commits violent, aggressive verbal attacks upon Councilmembers and residents. Some Evidence: Grizzly News Article.

We also documented the above throughout our 10-week Grizzly newspaper ad series, along with more sources and evidence. Please visit our Newspaper Ads page to read more.