WRITING: Lee’s Undermining with “News” & Cartoons

As back-up for our 9/28/2022 Grizzly Ad, we have compiled a number of the “newsletters” and cartoons that Lee has released to continue undermining his opponents, his colleagues, our former City Manager and City staff, our City government, our Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, other Valley Leaders and community members. He was issued an official Reprimand by the City Council earlier this year for inappropriate use of the City Hall image, logo, and more, yet continues to do so.

Cartoon to undermine Mayor Pro Tem Mote: “Scandal” – 2022-07-15

Cartoon to undermine Mayor and Colleagues: “Did You Hear Alan Is Angry” – 2022-02-15

Cartoon to undermine City Government: “Big Bear K-Mart, The Untold Story” – 2022-01-17